Wednesday 26 December 2007

2 days to go......

So this is it then, the four years of planning, frustrations and excitement all hit a peak on Friday when we, or I, finally hit the road for our year long trip through Africa.

Last minute changes to Owen's agenda have meant that hew won't be joining me for the first 2 weeks as work committments have become to much to wrap up over the Christmas period so it appears I'll be taking the long road south through France and Spain by myself!

January 9th is the day the project really starts then as I pick up Owen from the airport in Marrakech...hopefully!

Once I'm on the road I'll update the website as often as I can with the diary being the most commonly visited, so keep watching this space.

Hope your Christmas was excessive and good luck to all f0r 2008!


Wednesday 18 July 2007