Monday, 24 November 2008

1st November 08

Date: 1st November 08
Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Weather: Clear skies to start, then thundery clouds with light rain. 32°c
Status: We’re off again, moving north slowly

Up at 8am and went straight to the pool at the Sportsman’s Arms Hotel where were staying to refresh myself….well freeze my head actually, the night tie temperature meaning the water was actually frikkin freezing! Sat and read a book for a while in the sun the headed back to the truck for breakfast.

I had a problem on the way out of Nairobi yesterday with the indicators on the Colonel, they suddenly stopped working so I set about trying to fix them…checked the relay, nothing there, checked the flasher unit…faulty so went into the town to find a replacement.

Easier said than done, there are probably 20 different auto spares places in Nanyuki and after checking all of them found none of them actually stock a simple component like I needed. Balls, no indicators until the next town then….

Hit the road north once Patrick and Sarah had arrived from Nairobi, they’ve been having their Nissan fixed and wanted to do a final drive with us before they turn and head south back home to South Africa, so the good old convoy was together again!

We tracked around the base of Mount Kenya, just staying in front of a huge storm and got 80kms before the sun set and we found a campsite just short of Isiolo…..around 50kms short of the road from hell!

The brakes on the Colonel had an overhaul in Nairobi and this being the first long run since fitting new pads etc, they decided to lock on after a constant downhill section so when we arrived I had to strip them down, lubricate the necessary parts and refit them. We’ll just see if it’s done the trick tomorrow morning!

Had a final meal with everyone and discussed the next few days and weeks ahead, seems Kees and I want to be home in time for Xmas its just working out what we can do on the way home. Bed early as we start the early days and long drives tomorrow…

End of day location: Isiolo, Kenya
Distance covered: 80kms

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