Wednesday 26 March 2008

23rd March 08

Date: 23rd March 08
Location: Big Millys, Ghana
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 35°c
Status: All good

Here we go again people, Ben’s heart is riding the emotional rollercoaster once more and this time is seems to have the biggest rises and falls yet. Compare it to the Richter scale!

After an amazing week together Silvi leaves to go back to the orphanage in around an hour and that’ll be the last time we see each other, unless something awful happens with her current relationship, and I’d never wish that on anyone. We spent our final evening together playing shithead by gaslight and sat talking until 2am and laughed til we were sore….this I will miss more than anything.

But I never came on this trip to fall for someone more to achieve the tasks I set myself in the UK and so the next paragraph explains how its all going to get back on track very soon.

Case, the dutch guy who holds the key to the next part of the expedition has been under the weather like his girlfriend but we still managed to have a quick chat about the way we’d like to approach taking on the central belt of African countries. Our biggest fear is trying to get hold of an Angolan visa and so I’ll make this my priority on Tuesday as we try and find out the best place to get hold of it, if it’s at all possible. Everything depends on this one.

So tonight will be a quiet lonely experience, Matt the Aussie should be back from his weekend’s activities so a beer will be the best cure for a damaged heart me thinks. And then I get on with it; too much time sitting still doing things I didn’t plan to!

Marching south again soon….

End of day location: Big Milly’s Ghana
Distance covered: 0kms

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