Thursday, 13 March 2008

9th March 08

Date: 9th March 08
Location: Big Millys campsite, Accra, Ghana
Weather: Humid as ever, sunshine and 35°c
Status: Recovering……slowly

Been on the birthday mission for a few days now and having the best send off for Luke too! Daily life has been alternating between swimming in the ocean, eating amazingly well prepared food with the best service and drinking the local beer, Star!

This was always going to be the part of the trip where we kicked back, rested, and enjoyed the backpacker’s lifestyle of having fun in the sunshine.

Met some of the best people here as well, a Dutch couple called Anke and Tom who have made me laugh more than I’ve done in years. He works for the UN peacekeeping in Afghanistan, is 19 years old and so funny my sides split…..the phrases and words he’s learnt from us, however rude and crude, are now part of his daily……sorry hourly vocabulary, and we now know what a swaffel is too, I think in England its something to do with making tea, if you email me I’ll explain it further as its not the cleanest of humour!

Had some awesome bands playing in the evening here with acrobats, snake-men and dancing like you would never believe, Wendy the English lady who runs the site has done an amazing thing with her business and is a pleasure talk to and know.

Tonight is a quiet one……

End of day location: Accra, Ghana
Distance covered: 0kms

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