Sunday 20 April 2008

18th April 08

Date: 19th April 08
Location: Drill Monkey Ranch, Calabar, Nigeria
Weather: Scattered blue skies and cloud, very humid, 36°c
Status: All preparing for the trip ahead

Got up late as Bre and I decided to have a lie for a change and finally descended the steps out of tent at 9am instead of the usual 6.30am. Turned into rather a lay-day as we’re sitting here waiting for Monday and the opening of the Cameroon Embassy so we can apply for and collect our visas on the same day, a service rarely available in African embassies!

So helped Case to service his truck and grease it all ready for the mission ahead, got his winch working again, and fixed the fridge so pretty productive really.

My newly acquired personal trainer Bre then put me through my paces as a gymnast with a series of stretches and work out exercises to differ slightly from the usual running and jogging. Think I’ll be sore in the morning though.

Headed out for dinner at a restaurant called Mr Majik’s and wish it had lived up to its name as the food took almost 2 hours to arrive, granted when it did it was really good, but I suppose this is African time again.

If you want fast food go to McDonalds….something I would hate to do but there!

Bed early….

End of day location: Calabar, Nigeria
Distance covered: 0kms

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