Friday 25 April 2008

20th April 08

Date: 20th April 08
Location: Calabar, Nigeria
Weather: Blue skies with the occasional cloud but still humid as hell! 38°c
Status: Preparing for the next leg of the mission

Got up early and made a fully comprehensive breakfast whilst everyone else watched bizarrely. It’s a good group of people but some of them really do have to pull their own weight occasionally, its one thing to complain but when you do nothing about it, it becomes rather tiring!

So had a good fill and then got my Landie reading for the trip ahead, it’s this part of the planning and preparation that’s essential and which will hopefully pay dividends once we get to the mud-hell that awaits us in a few weeks time in Central Africa.

Packed up the tent, did my laundry and then headed out for a drive east towards the Calabar river to break the monotony of hanging around in the car park we’re camped in. Bre, Brandon and Alex joined me and the road we hoped was going to be a track and muddy as hell, turned out to be another perfect tarmac road. I know I shouldn’t wish for worse conditions just so I can use 4WD as it’ll probably turn round and bite me later on in the trip, but it’d be good to get on something slightly less grippy than sealed road every now and then! I think by the time I get to the border with Cameroon things will have changed significantly!

Rocked up at the river to be greeted by a group of 15, less than friendly locals who immediately asked what we were doing and told us not to take any photos at all. Not the best welcome but once I’d had a little chat with them they softened and we all walked together to the end of the jetty and discussed the area, their lives and the whole mad cap trip were on. Didn’t take any photos but had a good time with them anyhows.

Was a quick round trip so we headed back to camp and as soon as we got there decided to head out to the Metropolitan Hotel for a swim and to steal their wireless internet! It was a fantastic afternoon spent in the sunshine, relaxing in and out of the water and testing the lovely waterproof Olympus camera which they were kind enough to sponsor me! Took some superb photos and videos of me, Case and Bre mucking about in the pool which will be on the website later on….

Dinner off the street again, rice, beans and meat, not sure what type but they put enough spice on it that the taste is masked anyway!

Bed as up early for a long run….

End of day location: Calabar, Nigeria
Distance covered: 20kms

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