Monday 5 May 2008

1st May 08

Date: 1st May 08
Location: 1st May 08
Weather: Yaounde, Cameroon
Status: Nearly off again….

Collected the visa and passport and headed back to the trucks to clear up the debris we’d made over the past few days before hitting the road again.

Definitely good to get the wheels moving after sitting still if for only for 3 days.

Pulled into the town of Ebolowa (not the deadly tropical disease capital further south but a good town celebrating Labour Day and the public holiday) so we pulled into a Hotel just on the outskirts of town and camped out on their tennis court.

What a run down place and if ever it had a heyday it was at least 30yrs ago with paint peeling off the walls and corridors just like on the film ‘The Shining’. But the staff made up for it, they were brilliant fun, if a little drunk and took photos of us all and even offered us dinner. It took 3 hrs to arrive and the chicken, rice and chips was just about edible even though the meat came from one of Africa’s selective racing chickens!

Slept as up for an early depart….

End of day location: Ebolowa, Cameroon
Distance covered: 165kms

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