Sunday, 11 May 2008

8th May 08

Date: 8th May 08
Location: Lobe, Gabon
Weather: Clear blue skies with the occasional cloud, 36°c, - very un-equatorial!
Status: All good

Up later than usual as we all decided to have bit of a lie in so rolled out of the tent around 8am and then pottered around, lovely breakfast of bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato baguette, coffee and then Bonne Mama strawberry jam courtesy of the supermarket in Libreville….awesome.

Did some jobs on the car, greased, checked underneath and found no problems then stocked up on fruit and veg for the next day or so and hit the road. What a different road from the past day! Perfectly graded gravel roads which twisted and turned through the forest, so good you could even get a power-slide with the back of the Landie when you boot it in third!! Sorry Dad, will take care.

Again another day of “of my god this is what its all about” as we passed along the valleys of huge rivers, through the forests and up onto the tops of grassy hills for what seemed like km after km. The drive was so good that we covered 216kms in a little over 5hrs and pulled into the town of Latourville to fill up. Found a cool hotel overlooking the river and camped up for the night, ate dinner and headed to bed.

End of day location: Latourville, Gabon
Distance covered: 216kms

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