Wednesday 26 March 2008

25th March 08

Date: 25th March 08
Location: Big Milly’s, Ghana
Weather: Scattered cloud and blue skies and really humid, 35°c
Status: Ben – bitten by mozzies, Colonel – blowing fuses

So Easter came and went, and with it lots and lots of people here at the camp too but excitingly a Dutch couple in their MAN truck turned up so we chatted lots about the potential for the journey ahead and the drive to Cape Town.

Its on, and we intend leaving in around a week once we’ve sorted the visas, vehicle repairs etc and exactly which way we’re going and who will be coming with us! There are two interested parties, one being an Aussie girl called Alex and the other a guy from Hong Kong called Kerry. I have sent them both emails letting them know our intended departure date and will await a response! Could be interesting….

End of day location: Big Milly’s, Ghana
Distance covered: 0kms

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..........................FP said...

Congratulations, Ben for winning the best job in the world!