Tuesday, 28 October 2008

20th October 08

Date: 20th October 08
Location: Pangani, Tanzania
Weather: Clear, blue skies and hot sunshine, 36
Status: Moving east as quickly as we can to get to the migration…..

What a totally gorgeous location to wake up!! The Peponi Beach resort is so close to the ocean I thought the Colonel’s tyres would get wet in the night as the tide came in!

We sat and enjoyed breakfast in The Munching Room, eggs on toast followed by fruit and cereal, yum. Chatted to Derek the expat owner who’s run the place for the last 9 years and discussed his Series One Land Rover amongst other things. He used to live on the Wild Coast in South Africa and also right next door to Port Edward therefore he’s a Natal Sharks fan…small world!

Took the road back into Tanga and filled up with fuel with a very friendly little attendant, worked out the mpg at around 22 for the last 450kms – not too bad considering the new increased weight on board!

The road up to the Tanz/Kenya border was a graded dirt road which twisted along the coast for 70kms, along the way we came across a German lady and her daughter in their Land Rover who’d broken down. We stopped a found her fuel pump wasn’t working so fed a new wire to it and within half an hour she was off again.

The border formalities were the usual banter with money changers etc except this time there was also M&D to deal with too! Within half an hour we’d cleared the system and were off again but this time on much better tarmac for the 90kms through to Mombasa. Stopped and shopped for some lunch and then took the westerly road towards Nairobi.

Drove for another couple of hours before turning off the main drag as the sun was setting towards Rock Site Camp, which sounded promising! When we arrived they wouldn’t let us camp there so we had to take rooms….no great problem as they were stunning overlooking the Tsavo Plains out in front of our verandas. We dipped in the infinity pool and arrived on time for dinner which was included in the costs.


End of day location: Maungu, Kenya
Distance covered: 340kms

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