Thursday 2 October 2008

30th September 08

Date: 30th September 08
Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Weather: Hot and sunny, bloody brilliant! 34°c
Status: Back on the road again, yay!

Dragged my sore legs out of bed around 7am after a night of manic dreams and visions, very weird! We had a bite of breaky, sour milk yuk, and slowly but surely packed the mess of the last few days back into the Colonel readying him for the journey ahead.

After using the internet for a while and updating the website with photos, blog etc we said goodbye to the excellent staff at The Sportsman’s Hotel and got on the road out of town. We stopped briefly at the Silent Valley (ssshhh) Cheese Factory and stocked the fridge up on mozzarella, cheddar and stilton which should see us through a good few lunches.

The drive to Nairobi was only 200kms and we entered the outskirts of the city on the first dual carriageway since South Africa, wow! Nairobi from first impressions is a modern, sprawling African city with modern infrastructure and loads of people. We drove through the centre and passed along some of the route for the marathon in a months time, lots of hills and even more pollution, yuk!

Drove to the supermarket to supply ourselves with some fresh essentials all for a very reasonable price. I like Nairobi already, its effective and easy to get on here. The famous ‘Carnivores’ restaurant was only just down the road, it serves a huge variety of meats and game so I booked in a table of four for the night of the Nairobi Marathon….I’ll need all the protein I can get at that stage!

Drove through the city to find the Wildebeest Camp Site which a gentleman, Allan, had recommended to us whilst we were staying in Nanyuki. He’s the owner and as we arrived he greeted us personally and said thanks for coming. He owns a similar Landie to mine so we chatted for a while and found out the location of a garage we can have the new ticking noise checked out by. Looks t be a good place and hopefully Mum and Dad will want to stay here later in the month.

Dinner was amazing, we made mozzarella, tomato and onion salad with olive oil and balsamic, then a vegetable steamed melange, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and rare rump steak….all for around £4! Excellent value!

Early night as we have embassies to visit tomorrow.

End of day location: Nairobi, Kenya
Distance covered: 210kms

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