Thursday, 16 October 2008

5th October 08

Date: 5th October 08
Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Weather: Scattered clouds and sunshine, hot in the afternoon. 34°c
Status: Jimmy’s here, we’re packed and ready for the big one!

Collected James late yesterday afternoon from the airport in Arusha, he’d arrived in Dar Es Salaam in the early hours of the morning but couldn’t get his flight changed from the last one of the day up to Arusha so instead had to hang around fighting off taxis, hoteliers, trinket sellers etc at the airport! Typical Africa.

We had a few beers in the evening to catch up with affairs in the UK and we grabbed an early night whilst Bre decided to rock the dance floor with her bustin’ moves!

Up early as the rain in the night woke me, only hope there’s none of the same tomorrow as we’ll be heading up the mountain and really don’t need a dowsing on our first day.

Cooked up our ostrich egg for breakfast, there was so much in it that it filled my pan to the brim! Drilled two holes in it and blew the contents out including the red looking foetus that was starting to develop, gross! Cooked up anyway and it was ok I suppose, a little richer than a normal egg and there was so much even our new friend the resident campsite dog had some.

After we’d sorted out our things and packed the bags ready we went into the town to buy the last of the things we’d need for the trek, batteries, chocolate, nuts etc and had a bite of sushi in the local Japanese restaurant which Bre loved. Headed back to the camp got last minute things together and cooked chilli con carne, sat and watched an outdoor movie with about 7 other people gathered around and went to bed.

Big Big day tomorrow…..

End of day location: Arusha, Tanzania
Distance covered: 20kms

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