Thursday, 21 May 2009

Been away from my laptop for what seems like ages...

This really is the first time I've managed to put my fingers onto a keyboard to try and update you on whats been happening in the world of Ben every since I left the delights of Brisbane on May 12th! My heartfelt apologies and I'll try very briefly to summarise my movements ever since but firstly I do have to show you some of the amazing images Dave Biddulph, my dive buddy in the picture below I have my arm around, took whilst diving off Straddie Island.

On arrival back in the UK the BBC, who had been filming a documentary for the last 10 weeks all about the Best Job process, had an amazing suprise for me as they'd arranged for my girl Bre to be flown over from Canada to meet me at Heathrow and I was truly gobsmacked having not seen her for nearly 6 weeks. I was so good to hold her and excitedly tell her all about the last two weeks and what our future 6 months together potentially hold. We giggled like school children at the opportunities on offer....

The emails haven't stopped, friends from yesteryear are appearing out of the woodwork like there's an outbreak of some 'ihavetocommunicatewithyou' disease and generally I'm trying as hard as I can to fulfil all interview requests for the multitude of people around the planet who all want to know a little bit about how it all happened. Its been full on and I've tried really hard to keep all of the local requests as happy as possible, the radio and newspaper's who covered my Afritrex adventure so extensively whilst I was away during 2008.

Requests and sponsorship opportunities continue to come in and TQ are doing there best to sift through them to find the best and most brand-effective ones which I can utilise over the next few months....all very exciting really.

Will post some more after the weekend as I'm off to Poland tomorrow early to appear on Saturday morning TV.....

Have a great weekend :)


Serina said...

wow~ I love diving!!^^

seu gordo said...

moro no brasil e estou te acompando e coloquei como meus favoritos desculpa por escrever em portugues boa sorte

Rita said...

Hello, my name is Rita, and I am from Portugal. Our theme for our oral presentation in English was "the world of work", and I have chosen to speak about your job. I would love enterview you, to actually know how it feels to have this job, and if it is really the best job in the world. I will give you my e-mail, so you can awnser. I know you are busy, but please reply as soon as it is possible, the presentation is at June 1st.

Best wishes, (my e-mail)


bluewings said...

Man do you need an assistant? eheheheh! sweet kisses from portugal

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

congrats Ben for being chosen as the winner for the best job in the world..i'm gonna update on your blogs daily on the Great Barrier Reef..cheers

Retty Hakim (a.k.a. Maria Margaretta Vivijanti) said...

Congratulation from Indonesia, I'm not a diver...but it is amazing to see the life under the water. Hope you're going to do your best. One question: how to keep those environment clean and sustainable while using it as a tourism object?

Retty Hakim (a.k.a. Maria Margaretta Vivijanti) said...
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Vinnit Alex said...

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Vadym Vikulin said...

Hi Ben,

I'm disagree. My job is the best job in the world. Two reasons:

1. I like my job
2. I can work where I wish.

Thank you for attempting to find some thing the best in our world.

mgibs17 said...

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