Tuesday, 30 September 2008

29th September 08

Date: 29th September 08
Location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Weather: Warm and sunny, blue skies and clouds. Simpson’s Sky! 32°c
Status: Recovering after a strenuous few days.

Felt good to sleep under just a sheet rather than curled up in a sleeping bag for a change, struggling to keep warm!

My body clock was still programmed for early starts so I couldn’t sleep much past 6am and got up with stiff legs and knees, the result of yesterday’s mammoth effort down from the summit.

Emptied my backpack of the last few days clothes and supplies which had started to ferment in the hot African sun, did a full load of laundry and put it out to dry on the veranda. Bre had been using the hotel’s pool whist I was away so we headed there for a swim and sunbath, it was good to get my joints working but without any weight on them and the very cold water was soothing.

Replied to emails, wrote up the Mt Kenya climb for the website and got everything in order ready to move on tomorrow. We walked into the town, bought some fruit and vegetables for dinner and returned to the truck.

Dinner was an uninspiring avocado and chicken sandwich as neither of us could be bothered to cook, we then discussed the merits of using up the old loaf of bread rather than starting the lovely fresh new one…..interesting!

Still fairly tired we went to bed early. Tomorrow the capital.

End of day location: Nanyuki, Kenya
Distance covered: 0kms

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