Thursday 4 December 2008

1st December 08

Date: 1st December 08
Location: Aswan, Egypt
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 30°c
Status: Bloomin marvellous actually!

Egyptian paperwork and bureaucracy all day long!!

Up early and had breakfast before Jose, Kees and I jumped into a taxi and headed back to the port; the scene of the unsuccessful exit the night previous! After nearly tow hours in customs dealing with a chain smoking semi-decent guy with an untrained secretary we left and headed for the traffic department.

Jumped the queue courtesy of our expert taxi driver and left with our next piece of Arabic paperwork which made no sense to us then straight to the insurance company to pay a ridiculous price for a service we paid for back in Tanzania…but the Egyptian’s fail to recognise for some reason, money no doubt!

By this time it was well past lunch and we returned to the traffic police who surprisingly promptly issued us with our number plates, Kees a 28 and me 23…in Arabic of course!

Back to the port to affix them to the vehicles and then we drove into town proudly displaying them for all to see!

End of day location: Aswan, Egypt
Distance covered: 30kms

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