Monday 15 December 2008

9th December 08

Date: 9th December 08
Location: Sharm El Naqa, Egypt
Weather: Blue skies to tart, as we went north the clouds appeared and it got cold! 28°c
Status: Decision made….

Still nothing on either the email or by phone from Sami my contact with Ocean Tours who is ‘trying’ to organise the Libyan visa, it has been 6 days now without contact and I feel like the trail has gone cold almost making my mind up for me on the route home.

We got up bright and early and prepared to leave the excellent dive resort but realised there was no-one in reception until 8.30am and so had to wait around to collect our passports, make the payment and have our dive logs stamped.

Kees and the others headed off whilst Bre and I stayed behind, the Colonel being so much faster giving them a head start to sort out flights for Savannah and to get info on the Syrian visa situation. Eventually Mohammed arrived on site and we paid and said our goodbyes promising to return one day…

We arrived in Hurghada and met the others in the car park of the hotel we’d stayed in as we could get free wireless from there! Still nothing from Sami unsurprisingly. We did however get some good info re: they do grant visas at the border so we can just drive straight there and not have to stop at their embassy along the way wasting more time.

Our little convoy left the terrible town behind and after 314kms we stopped off at the Sahara Inn and Motel where we decided to stay the night. Savannah is likely to fly back to Canada tomorrow from Cairo and I have a feeling I am the chauffeur!

End of day location: Zafarana, Egypt
Distance covered: 314kms

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