Friday 26 December 2008

25th December 08

Date: 25th December 08
Location: Iles de Jerbera, Tunisia
Weather: Blue skies with a few clouds, 20°c
Status: Happy Christmas to all….

Up after the first real nights sleep in about 4 days with bleary eyes and reluctantly got out of bed….damn too late anyway as we’d missed breakfast!

Met Kees and tried to sort out Bre’s hair ready for the UK but had no luck trying to find someone who could actually do African style braids so instead booked a quad bike ride for all of us which was to leave at 2pm.

Pottered around and soaked up the lack of English Christmas, all the time thinking of my family back home enjoying theirs! Met the guide for the quad ride and we all made our way to the departure point about 200m walk away.

Helmets on with Bre smiling all the way and there they were out rides for the next hour and a half. We drove through the small villages and onto some crappy dunes along a beach and then back. Wish we’d done it in the desert to be honest as wadi bashing would have been awesome.

Back to the hotel for lunch and then used the net for a while before we had dinner and all three of us with Santa hats on went our to the bowling alley for a few games and then headed back to the hotel for an early night. Another good drive to the capital tomorrow….

End of day location: Iles de Jerbera, Tunisia
Distance covered: 0kms

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