Thursday 4 December 2008

4th December 08

Date: 4th December 08
Location: Aswan, Egypt
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 35°c
Status: Almost able to move again….

Up early again and down for the free breakfast of boiled egg, bread and jam, yoghurt and coffee and then on the mission of continuing the quest for the Libya visa!

Went to the only free wireless internet location in the city…..ARGHHHHHHHHH ITS MCDONALDS!!!! I despise the place and everything it stands for but the temptation of a chargeless internet for the three hours I need there is too much to refuse…time to use them.

Updated all of the website and replied to emails before Kees and Savannah arrived on site to drag me away for some lunch in another location thankfully. Went back to the hotel to get Jose our Spanish friend and headed out of town towards the port to collect the rest of the Motley Cru!

Arrived there before the boat arrived so Jose could organise taking things from his vehicle before customs closed for the day and waited….

Finally the passengers from the boat started to disembark and the familiar faces of the Watkins family arrived through passport control. We loaded them up and headed back to the city and the hotel.

I disappeared with Kees and the three passports of myself, him and Bre to the translation agency to have the Arabic copy entered, a requirement for the next leg of the journey, they’d be ready at midnight after a good meal.

We all went out, minus Brandon, to Aswan Moon for some dinner which was great and then just before midnight headed back to collect the completed passports now with the translation.

End of day location: Aswan, Egypt
Distance covered: 25kms

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