Wednesday 10 September 2008

1st September 08

Date: 1st September 08
Location: Lilongwe Golf Club, Malawi
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 36°c
Status: Sad that Rach is leaving to go home after a great few weeks.

Up bright and early….again, as Rach has still to find a flight home and she needs to leave tomorrow! Eeek!

Headed to the Air Malawi offices which we’d been to on the Saturday but was closed and found a very helpful guy who booked her onto the 7am flight the next morning from Lilongwe to Johannesburg.

Then it was time for her to fill her bag with gifts for friends and family so we headed to the carvings and market part of town and found a very nice little shop where she bought three shirts which were all too big but the very kind lady there re-measured them against me and told us to return in an hour a they’d be altered by then…I love Africa!!

Popped into the café next door for breakfast and nearly sat in the children’s playground as they’ve installed and restored an old Land Rover painting it in bright colours and fitting a table in the back, but instead at the request of the girls sat at a
boring square one. Scrooges.

Collected the shirts and then left the girls at the hairdressers to have African style braids put in, then returned to the golf club armed with all of the essentials to service the Colonel. Changed the oil, filters, swapped tyres front to back, replaced some chaffed diesel pipes and greased all round, should be enough to see me through to the next one.

After four hours of having their hair pulled, tugged and scalps yanked the girls finally decided they’d had enough and called me to let m know they needed collecting so we arranged the next days plans and then all headed out to Rach’s Leaving Dinner at Don Brioni’s Bistro in town. A superb meal for next to nothing, fillet steak in a pepper sauce followed by apple pie and strawberries for a little under £6, the way it should be!


End of day location: Lilongwe Golf Club, Lilongwe
Distance covered: 20kms

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