Wednesday 10 September 2008

9th September 08

Date: 9th September 08
Location: Nhkata Bay, Malawi
Weather: Another day of really warm blue skies and sunshine, hazy late on. 32°c
Status: Getting ready to start the quick journey north again and can’t wait to move!

So today’s the day when I finally work out where the next few weeks of the trip will take me as I intend meeting up with Kees to discuss the journey ahead, where we will meet again and the rough dates for entering Kenya, transiting Sudan and taking on the bureaucracy of Egypt.

We got up early and packed up the tent and got the truck ready for the trip back down south to Kande Beach where Kees has been staying for the past few days. Bre and I then went down to the water and swam across to the dive school, rested for 10 mins and then back again, by the time we got to the shore my arms were pumping and my shoulders felt like they’d explode….butterfly is not the easiest way of swimming!

Belinda, one of my friends on the dive course, brought her backpack up to the truck and we headed off out of the bay and back down to Kande some 50kms south down the coast of the lake.

We arrived at the gates to the beach camp and……Kees had already left the site, balls again!!! I checked my email there and it appeared he’d had a problem with his son stepping on some glass and had to leave to get him to hospital urgently, understandable but another day of not knowing what the plan would be! Arghhhh.

So headed back up the coast to Mayoka Village again, met up with the family and discussed what we’d do. My plan is pretty much to head off north with Bre and when we decide, and the family decide exactly what they’re doing we’ll meet up again, probably in around a month.

Had another exhausting swim across the lake, then feeling tired scoffed down some free Irish Stew for dinner, had a farewell drink with Craig who then surprised me totally by handing me the keys to one of the chalets with a four poster bed in it!!! Being the very kind gentleman he is, he’d bought it as a gift for Bre and I as a last night gift….AWESOME!! Went straight to bed…..

End of day location: Nhkata Bay, Malawi
Distance covered: 110kms

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