Wednesday, 10 September 2008

8th September 08

Date: 8th September 08
Location: Nhkata Bay, Malawi
Weather: Clear blue skies, calm and sunny, 32°c
Status: Confused and unsure of the next few days, where my route will be and lots of Q’s…..

Hmmmm been one of those days today, they’re very few and far between for me, the eternal sunshine boy! But when they arrive they frustrate and annoy me. Hmmmm

Woke up no problems feeling like it was another perfect day in Africa, cooked some breakfast and headed down to the water for a swim. Perfectly calm warm water lapping the shore so Bre and I swam across the bay to the dive school and back, excellent exercise!

I’ve had planned the next few days and weeks of the trip for a while and it was going to be Bre and I heading out on an adventure by ourselves across Africa but it seems this may not be totally acceptable to the dynamics of the family’s travel plans which seem to change regularly anyway. If Bre was to come with me then that wuld effectively be the end of her sponsored trip.

So it leaves me in a bit of a tight spot, the decision still hasn’t been made and may well change but for now I’m unsure whether I will go east, west, alone, with Bre or someone else on board.

It may all work out fine but for someone who likes to be as organised as I do,the indecision is hugely frustrating, add to that I’m trying to arrange dates to meet friends and family and add to that the professionalism which I try and adopt with everything I
do is becoming compromised. Hmmmm again.

Anyway a good dinner then off to bed, tomorrow will improve as I hope to meet up with Kees and work out wher and when our route up through North Africa will happen.

End of day location: Nhkata Bay, Malawi
Distance covered: 0kms again. 

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