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30th August 08

Date: 30th August 08
Location: Flatdogs Camp, Zambia
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 36°c
Status: Off again so good to be moving….

Headed out of the camp around 8.30am to take on the terrible road back to Chipata to collect Baccus the Buffalo and also the new window from the scrap merchant.

Three hours later and we’d arrived feeling bounced and bruised due to the terrible corrugations which make up at least 100 of the 120kms between the park and the town!

Restocked with some food, Baccus and the window and then drove the 20kms to the border. Signed out of Zambia and into the next country, Malawi and what a pleasurable place it is, another easy to get on English speaking place!

From the moment we arrived at the border and dealt with the authorities we knew it would be a good place, very friendly people who want to talk the whole time about everything; the roads, the president, the neighbouring countries, your country, the Colonel etc etc and eventually after an hour at the insurance office we were allowed to continue, brilliant! The guy Audrey, described Malawi as the country with the smile of Africa in the heart of Africa….awesome!

Good roads all the way to the capital and decided to stay at the Lilongwe Golf Club as the Lonely Planet says it offers a pool, tennis etc.

Spoke to Bre on the phone and by chance they’ve made it there to!! So we checked in and headed across town to see them, Bre headed back with us to the camp, we had dinner at the restaurant (don’t ask for your steak to be rare and expect any red in it….it was like a beefburger!!). Bed

End of day location: Lilongwe, Malawi
Distance covered: 303kms

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