Saturday 19 January 2008

19th Jan 08

Date: 19th Jan 08
Location: N of Tazhoute
Weather: Clear blue skies, some light cloud, hot 25°c
Status: Ben – recovering feet, but enjoying the ocean and the sun! Colonel – Parked up

Have spent the last 24hrs parked up with all the other campervans right at the edge of the Atlantic soaking up as much vitamin D from the sun as I can in preparation for the marathon at the end of the month. My feet are bruised and battered from the climb and from having a pair of, although damn fine looking boots, ones that rubbed and chaffed like you wouldn’t believe!

I knew the challenges were going to be difficult mentally and physically and I was/am prepared for that but having feet feeling like this with only a few days to go before the next challenge really isn’t too good! Still if Zola Budd could run long distances in bare feet then maybe that’s what I’ll have to employ to get the next one out of the way and completed!

We’re off south today to restock at the supermarkets before trying to find another surf beach further south to enjoy the full effects of!

End of day location: ?
Distance covered: ?

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Sue at RS&GH said...

Very well done Ben, and really well done to Luke as well. Hope the feet are getting fit for purpose - I'm told soaking them in strong tea can help ...