Monday 14 January 2008

Jan 12th 08

Date: 12th Jan 08
Location: Essaouira
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunny, 10°c at night, 18°c in the daytime
Status: Ben – aching from playing far too much Frisbee, Colonel – all good

Not the biggest diary entry in the world as very little has happened over the past few days, we’ve taken the opportunity to relax, eat well and soak up the atmosphere of the beach during the day and the medina at night filled with its strange smells, sights and most of all people!

Today we’re heading down the coast in search of another campsite which should be cheaper than the beachside, retirement camper-filled, rather too tarmac-based site I’ve been enjoying! It really is a little too much to have dogs/building site/people waking you up at 6am every morning when I’m supposed to be on holiday!

Writing this part 2 days after the script above as I’ve been holed up in the tent for the last 24hrs only leaving to make a bee-line for the toilet block as something, be it food, water or sunshine has struck me down with a good portion delhi-belly (and in Morocco too!), on the mend now and making our way back towards Marrakech and then south from there to Imlil to arrange for Luke to make the climb with me…if we can find some equipment!

May be out of touch for a few days but will report back ASAP on our descent! Inshallah

End of day location: Sidi Kaouchi
Distance covered: 35kms

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