Saturday 26 January 2008

25th Jan 08

Date: 25th Jan 08
Location: Marrakech
Weather: Blue skies with some cloud, 26°c
Status: Ben – as prepared as my unprepared body can be!! Luke – on board, Colonel – parked up safely

Mission for the day – find the registration point for the marathon! Had a long walk around the city and found it!

All sorts of entertainment going on with bands, singers and entertainers filling the Jardin de Harti with a festival like atmosphere and me constantly thinking about Sunday and how on earth I’m going to drag myself around the 42km circuit!! I WILL do it…Inshallah!

Found a terrace café overlooking the central square to sit and catch up on emails whilst Luke and Sue did a final bit of shopping before she hits the road tomorrow with the next destination being the Alps and the family. Enjoyed the atmosphere and sunset over a coffee before heading back to the hotel.

Morocco has provided the most incredible start to the journey with indescribable places, uber-friendly people and the sort of weather I craved whilst planning this thing back in the UK. My only real negatives so far have been the condition of my feet, Owen’s failure to show and the training I feel I have missed out on but they are minor issues when I put them into the bigger picture.

I’m looking forward with great excitement and anticipation to the next few weeks on board with Luke as my wingman and sidekick, a real chance for us to cement our already brilliant relationship. The photos and diary will become better, more descriptive and a true feast for all of you!

End of day location: Marrakech
Distance covered: 0kms

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