Tuesday, 22 January 2008

20th Jan 08

Date: 20th Jan 08
Location: Merleft
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 25 °c
Status: Ben – 100% good, Colonel – much the same

Got up late and packed, refilled and swept out the vehicle to prepare for the lengthy half hour drive to our next stunning location to camp at, headed to the local hotel for breakfast of baguette, strong coffee and OJ and got the map out.

Our destination the small town of Merleft 30kms down the coast and according to the Lonely Planet, an uninspiring hippie hang out; spend a few days there and its ambience is contagious!

Arrived and Sue left her car to have the window fixed and I found an tiny internet café and oh my god…..they sell card readers so finally I can take the photos off my camera and stick them on the site! Will do that tomorrow….inshallah.

Headed to the campsite, on the beach predictably, and set up camp. Off to play Frisbee now so will report back sometime soon.

End of day location: Merleft
Distance covered: 30kms

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