Thursday, 31 January 2008

28th Jan 08

Date: 28th Jan 08
Location: Marrakech
Weather: Light grey skies with broken sunshine, 25°c
Status: Ben – legs of a 90 yr old, Luke – all good, Colonel – not charging quite right!

Last day in Marrakech today with loads to do before we head out and down to the coast again, up early, SSS, breakfast on the square and then the list of tasks for the morning! Got loads of passport photos printed for Luke in case we need them for visas etc, copied all of my photos onto CD for Kalid, our good friend at the hotel, and then tried to find somewhere for Luke to get his yellow fever injection…..oh dear.

Found the location on the map and no problem getting ourselves there, found the clinic, but the wrong place we needed the hospital, no probs only the other side of the road, to the reception, go to the next building, go to reception there to be told its downstairs, go there and told its not there but another location all together on the other side of town! Back to the Land Rover and again no probs finding the place, Luke went in and back out 10 mins later……yes he can get it, but only in Casablanca on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!! AHHHHHH

Driving slowly, or so I thought out of town a very kind policeman decided to jump out behind a bush with his speed camera. I’d been following a Mercedes for the last few kms and for some unknown reason the cop decided to pull me over not him for doing 71km/h in a 60 zone. A nice enough chap who talked with me about the marathon the day before amongst other pleasantries, but I still left 200Dhms worse off than when I stopped. Still £15 for a lovely talk with a member of the constabulary; can’t think of a better way to spend my hard earned cash!! Note to self, drive slowly through towns.

Destination Essaouira will have to wait for another day, decided to head up to the clinic as its essential that Luke has the immunisation before going to some of the countries as they won’t let you in without it. Driving north for some distance for the first time in the trip and it doesn’t feel right!

Rather than staying in one of the towns again we headed to a location slightly south of Casa called Sidi Bouzid and found another absolutely stunning camping location 10m from the ocean on a headland jutting out into the Atlantic. Luke cooked dinner, I planned the next day and we went to bed!

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