Saturday 26 January 2008

24th Jan 08

Date: 24th Jan 08
Location: Taghazoute
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine with a wee bit of cloud in the distance, 27°c
Status: Ben – trying my best with knackered feet! Colonel – still missing the tap!

Left Taghazoute early to meet up with Luke’s mum who’d stayed in hotel in the town as the night before the warning light for the alternator had come on during the drive up the coast. Once we started it up again in the morning the problem seemed to have gone so we hit the road, destination Marrakech, and for once we’re leaving in the daylight – a novel experience for us and probably a really good thing for our lives!

After a good 3hrs on the road we rolled into the back streets of Marra and Luke’s new-found navigation skills got us straight to the car park they’d used before! Walked through the central square and souk and we’re approached by all manner of madman, snake charmer, monkey trainer before finding peace and solitude at one of the many restaurants in the centre of the square for a fat feast!

From reading email after email from Owen all of which follow the same line I have decided to continue the adventure alone for the time being, well with a fantastic passenger on board, my dear friend and new challenge partner (although I fear the marathon could be a step too far!!) Luke J

We will spend the next few days preparing for the marathon, saying goodbye to Sue as she departs for the Alps tomorrow and searching out a replacement tap for the Land Rover! The expedition has not faltered, merely changed course as we plan to head to Ghana, the host of the African Cup of Nations, where we’ll take in one of the matches before packing Luke off back to the UK (maybe) Inshallah!

End of day location: Marrakech
Distance covered: 286kms

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