Wednesday 20 August 2008

16th Aug 08

Date: 16th August 08
Location: Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine….hot 32°c
Status: Felling happy, healthy and ready to move on.

Up at 6am to beat the heat of the day and went for a long run down the sandy beach towards the tip of land which forms part of the bay surrounding Tofo, and arrived there after running for nearly an hour into a headwind feeling well exercised! The run back was hot….with the wind and the sun was damn hot beating down on my shoulders, I alternated between jogging and sprinting for short sections to up my breathing and muscle work rate, this felt hard at the time but good once I’d finished.

I arrived outside Fatima’s steps, dropped to the ground for a series of stretches and press ups before jumping into the ocean to cool off for a well earned swim!

We packed up camp together and forced four peoples kit into the Colonel. We’d decided that Bre and Savannah would join us for the trip up the coast to Vilanculos and the rest of their family would arrive on public transport a day later. Full but not too uncomfortable….

A road which changed from good tarmac to potholed hell for the first time since Angola reminded me quite how much you need the strong suspension of a four wheel drive like the Colonel!

5 hours later we’d arrived in the town which overlooks the Bazaruto Archipelago, a group of islands around 10kms of the coast, part of a World Heritage site which contain hundreds of reefs and sites to snorkel and dive.

Baobab backpakers is located again, right on the beach, we pulled into the yard, setup cam and cooked pasta, pesto and tomatoes for dinner and listened to the crap music which was supposed to form part of the Full Moon Party…..very disappointing, so we went to bed early.

End of day location: Vilanculos, Mozambique
Distance covered: 320kms

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