Wednesday, 20 August 2008

19th Aug 08

Date: 19th August 08
Location: Vilanculos, Mozambique
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, back to as I’d expect for winter here! 30°c
Status: Still waiting but now happy with the next two months plan!

Up in time to see the sunrise at 6am so out of the tent and prepared breakfast.

Went next door to Odessey Divers and booked our island trip and also borrowed a snorkel and mask for Bre as we had decided to go for a walk down the beach to the mangrove’s for some swimming.

Bre, Rach, Ammon and I then walked south along the pure white sandy beach collecting shells and throwing a Frisbee around. We walked for a couple of kilometres before deciding that actually the tide was far too far out to be able to swim so walked out to the tide line and waded through the water disturbing hermit crabs, razor shells and little fish as we went. We were escorted all the way by one of the local dogs, a huge Great Dane puppy which looked just like Scooby Doo!

Once we got back to the camp we then headed into town for a spot of lunch, to use the internet and buy some food for the evening. Back at camp I sat down for a couple of hours whilst Bre braided Rach’s hair, and looked at the route ahead for the next two months.

From researching one particular road up the west of Tanzania it appears that it is passable in the dry season opening up the route which will take me through Burundi into Rwanda and on to Uganda allowing me enough time to climb Mt Stanley and then traverse back through Tanzania to Mt Kilimanjaro in time to meet another friend James who’ll be there at the beginning of October. It will be a HUGE rush and everyday will involve a long drive but it is possible. The Afritrex expedition has reached a critical stage after two months of sightseeing in SA and Moz.

I can’t wait to get moving at speed again to take on targets, deadlines and multiple borders and really hope to have Bre with me for the journey as she’s the best girlfriend/partner/ a man could hope for on such a trip. Let’s hope her brother Ammon thinks the same when he’s planning their route or I may have to kidnap her!

Headed down to the bar far a drink then headed to bed, damn its cold tonight…21°c. up early in the morning for our trip.

End of day location: Vilanculos, Mozambique
Distance covered: 0kms

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