Tuesday 5 August 2008

2nd August 08

Date: 2nd Aug 08
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Weather: Scattered clouds, thundery and then blue skies again! 20°c
Status: Colonel – Ready to start moving again, Ben – missing not having Bre with me…again!

Have spent the last few days in Cape Town doing all manner of things, the first of which was the hardest to do!

We were supposed to go horse riding along Long Beach for Bre’s final morning together with me on this part of the expedition, but as the weather was windy, thundery and generally yucky the organisers called us to say it wouldn’t be possible. Not very happy as we’d looked forward to it for days so will now have to wait until we meet up again in a months time.

So headed back to Saltycrax where the rest of the Watkins family were staying and helped Bre pack all of her things back into her backpack as we’re going our own ways for the next few weeks while I meet up with some other friends from the UK and she heads with the others up the east coast of South Africa in their hire car.

It was another horrible day as we had to say goodbye to each other, this being the second time on the trip so far and much harder than the first! Days like these should no happen….

Alex and I made our way back into Cape Town, visited some shops to grab the last of the essentials we’ll need for the next few days and headed out to grab a Mexican dinner on Long Street. Met up with a very good friend Katie who I met years ago in Port Edward and her super chap Michael, we ended up spending most of the evening together and then off to meet another friend Duncan who now owns a club in the city. Entry was of course free on the guest list and we all chatted away until the small hours. Most excellent.

Up bright and early with a slight hangover and then on the road leaving the stunning city of Cape Town behind, the N1 being our direction north towards Bloemfontein where we’ll meet up with Patrick and Sarah again (Patroling Africa), the guys who drove down with us from Ghana.

Stopped off in the town of Beaufort West and found a campsite, cooked over an open fire again, awesome to be back in the wilds, watched a dvd under the stars. Bed

End of day location: Beaufort West, South Africa
Distance covered: 464kms

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