Tuesday 5 August 2008

3rd August 08

Date: 3rd August 08
Location: Beaufort West, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine. 20°c
Status: All having a very good trip north towards the next part!

Left Beaufort West at 7.00am to start the long trip north towards Patrick and Sarah who are staying with their Aunt and Uncle in Dundee, close to the Battlefields of Rorke’s Drift and Isandwala.

A full day of driving in excellent conditions with only trucks and the occasional car on the road. I think most people in South Africa drive as it saves them fuel costs and hours behind the wheel, but we’re experienced African travellers now and nothing phases up…..Ben, Alex and the Colonel!

Arrived at around 8pm to be greeted with Lasagne and wine, ate and went to bed in preparation for a big day tomorrow.

End of day location: Dundee, South Africa
Distance covered: 1050kms

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