Wednesday, 20 August 2008

18th Aug 08

Date: 18th August 08
Location: Vilanculos, Mozambique
Weather: Grey skies and windy, clearing throughout the day. 30°c
Status: Waiting…..still!

Up early and had the usual breakfast of eggs and soldiers, then wandered into another couple of shops offering trips out to the islands, same answer as yesterday in that nothing is available until Wednesday, arghhhh!!!

So walked into town for more food, we were very kindly offered a lift by one of the locals and gladly accepted as the supermarket was a good 2kms away. Bought lots of good things to have a braai with including chicken drumsticks and boerwors.

Walked back via the tourist information but they couldn’t offer us any alternatives for the afternoon apart from sitting on our asses, bought some charcoal and wandered down the beach home.

Stretched and exercised with Bre and Rach and then sat down at the bar to look at the maps and timescale involved for the next two months ahead. Wow it really is going to be a huge struggle to try and fit in both of the climbs, a marathon and also enough time to meet up with my parents who intend flying out to meet me in Kenya sometime soon.

Will have to sit down with Ammon, Bre’s brother and the family’s mastermind when it comes to their organisation, tomorrow and discuss their and my movements to see when we’ll all be together over the next few months. I really woud like to spend as much time with Bre as possible and hope that we can at least climb one of the mountains together!

Had the braai, went to bed.

End of day location: Vilanculos, Mozambique
Distance covered: 0kms

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