Thursday 14 August 2008

8th August 08

Date: 8th August 08
Location: Nelspruit, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 27°c
Status: All ready to get going finally!

Up early to check into the Funky Monkey Backpackers which we’d arrived at late last night, had a good fill of the free breakfast and waited around for Alex and Jo to get back from their days visit to Kruger NP.

When they arrived we all said our hello’s and made for the supermarket to stock the Colonel up with the supplies we’d need for the next day or so…and then the even more fun job of trying to fit it all in to a vehicle which was already filled to over capacity.

Made for the road and drive to Barberton which is at the base of the Lebomboberg mountain range to start the 42km climb to the Swazi border. A broken road which was under repair, dusty and potholed…and then turned out to be the wrong damn border as they wouldn’t be able to process my application for my VAT return as a tourist!!

So had to drive to Oshoek another 50kms away along relatively similar roads to enable my application to be processed. A fairly lengthy border crossing and as we left the sun was dropping out of the sky so we made for the Hwane Horse stables and backpackers.

We were the only ones to spend the night here and it was a brilliantly organised and designed little place with thatch roofed bedrooms and even the stables where we were staying was awesomely kitted out and very luxurious!

The girls all prepared dinner of a chicken curry, while I planned the route for the next day.


End of day location: Hwane, Swaziland
Distance covered: 152kms

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