Thursday 28 August 2008

22nd August 08

Date: 22nd August 08
Location: Beira, Mozambique
Weather: Scattered clouds and hot sunshine. 32°c
Status: All moving along rather well actually!

Up at 6.30am and went for a run along the beach and watched the fishing boats moving slowly up the coast for another days hunting! Got back to the tent and woke Rach and then went for breakfast at the café.

Drove into Beira and experienced the broken roads, beggars and lack of signage that frequent the city. Made our way to the bank, internet and tried to find a travel agent to book Rach’s return flight to Joburg but came up with nothing.

Filled the Colonel with food from the Shoprite and hit the road we’d come down yesterday, a good drive in a relaxed way through the marshy lands of the delta and then up onto the higher ground which leads to the entrance to the park.

Arrived at the gate to be told that it was full! Well after 10mins chatting to the warden in fact there’s no camping as the site is being reinstated, well we don’t need toilets, water or anything as were totally self sufficient I told him! So they let us in and we made our way down the dusty bouncy road to the reception area.

Found our camp and set up for the night, had a chicken on the braai and enjoyed a lovely evening chatting away as the only campers on the site.

Bed as up early for a sunrise game drive.

End of day location: Gorongosa NP, Mozambique
Distance covered: 214kms

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