Friday 15 February 2008

14th Feb 08

Date: 14th Feb 08
Location: Serekunda, The Gambia
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 36°c
Status: All good, happy, sunkissed and in another country

After the fantastic nights camping in the most rural location yet, we packed up ready for the drive to the border after a few days of talking about it!

Totally different police here compared to what we’re used, they salute us and wave us through rather than trying to get gifts, money and checking every document we have!

The 120kms to the border was an easy drive, although the road deteriorated rapidly as we got closer to the coast and passed by the acres of mangrove swamps which line the estuaries, and before long we’d arrived at the border.

Signed out of Senegal and moved onto the formalities on the Gambian side but this time everyone speaks English….oh how easy after the last few countries! The authorities did however give us the most intense search of the vehicle yet with every item being looked and questioned…all in the name of reducing the chance of terrorism, granted.

As we waited for the ferry across the River Gambia the usual hoards of kids came up to the vehicle to try and sell us everything from cashews to cold drinks, and letting them know that we didn’t need them didn’t seem to get through at all. One was particularly aggressive and ended up telling us we were racist and from Scotland! As we exited the ferry the guy operating the ramp came up to the window and said “hey guys its good to see you again, where’ve you been!”. I think he recognised a camel trophy Land Rover rather than us!

Drove through the streets of Banjul, the capital, and found the road to Serekunda the more touristy part of town where we stocked up with another local currency and then a café for a very late lunch….it only took an hour and a half and wasn’t what we ordered but it’s do.

Drove out of the town towards Sukuta, and the infamous campsite which we’d seen advertised on EVERY tyre, rock and building since leaving Morocco!! When we finally found it a little piece of paradise welcomed us, the walled camping spot is famous amongst Overlanders and is perfectly set up with, sandy campsites, showers, washing areas and well stocked bar….we tucked in!

Plans for tomorrow are yet to be confirmed but will include relaxing and some quality beach time! Enjoy….oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY JJ XXX

End of day location: Sukuta, Gambia
Distance covered: 138kms

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