Wednesday, 27 February 2008

21st Feb 08

Date: 20th and 21st Feb 08
Location: Niokolo National Park, Senegal
Weather: Hazy sunshine, 38°c
Status: All good

Summary of two days here as we travelled all day yesterday and only arrived late at night!

Headed out of town east towards Tambacounda and spent the next 7hrs battling with the huge trucks on possibly the most boring and uninspiring road yet, potholes and detours at the sides all day long, so we were really happy to arrive at the gates to Niokolo National Park. Well happy until we got the usual fleecing at the gate for more money!

Had to have a guide with us even though there were only two roads in the park and even good signposting, at the cost of another CFA6000! Luke decided to kick off getting us nowhere and when we realised it only £6 we gave in an took ‘Pap’ with us to the camp.

Sat down for a cold beer and headed to bed ready for the alarm call at 7am to go and see the animals…..oh why did we bother getting up!?! Left the campsite and in the next 3hrs of driving around spotted a total of 6 warthogs, 2 antelope and a solitary squirrel. Probably the biggest waste of money so far on the trip and NOTHING compared to the bountiful parks in the rest of Africa. ‘Apparantly’ there’s lion and elephant but noones ever seen them….yeah right!

Left the park and travelled east to Kedougu to have our passports stamped before leaving Senegal and pulled into a pub for lunch. Sat and chatted to a local and in through the door walked a couple of german guys who were also in a Land Rover. So the next hour was spent discussing repairs, layouts and service schedules, much to Luke’s disgust. Decided to find a bush camp together and drove out of town to a remote spot where we set up camp, made a fire and cooked dinner.

Was a good day, a little cooler and good to chat to some other Overlanders who’ve just travelled the piste route we’ll be on for the next few days. Full moon and headed to bed.

End of day location: Kedougu
Distance covered: 330kms & 135kms

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