Sunday, 10 February 2008

4th Feb 08

Date: 4th Feb 08
Location: Tarfaya, Morocco
Weather: Clear blue skies and windy, 27°c
Status: A good report all round

Awoke on our beach with the shipwreck still there and a long drive ahead so we hit the road once I’d sorted out greasing up the UV joints on the props to keep the Colonels joints well lubricated.

Drove to Laayoune 120kms south through the border with Western Sahara which amounted to very little apart from the usual passport and profession check. Played a little game with the guards and Luke is now a bonafide member of the London university for English language…..well it gave us something to do anyway!

Arrived in what can only be described as the arse-end of the world with nothing more than twisty dirty streets, windy conditions and three banks, all of which advertised a bureau de change but none actually had one! Bumped into a Slovenian couple we’d met earlier in the day and they needed dirhams whilst we needed Euros; so the deal was made outside the bank and for no commission at all!

Headed to the internet café and struggled to get a connection so hit the road south until it ran parallel with the sea and found our campsite for the night, again overlooking the Atlantic.

Tomorrow is another day on the road with the push south to Dakhla for our final restock and refuel before the border and the more unknown!

End of day location: just south of Laayoune
Distance covered: 150kms

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