Monday, 4 February 2008

3rd Feb 08

Date: 3rd Feb 08
Location: Mirleft, Morocco
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 25°c
Status: Ben – having the best time, Luke – Tranquil, Colonel – Rolling on

Had an amazing little fire for a few hours the night before and cooked a poitjke which tasted superb, we’ve both commented on how good it is to be able to cook on an open fire with very little!

Set off early to enter new territory for the first time in a few weeks and it felt good to get moving and on the adventure once more. Destination; as far south as we can get before the sun drops out of the sky again.

After 6hrs of driving we got to one of the national parks which was a mixture of pure sand dunes, rocky sandstone and rivers which actually had some water in them for a change! The roads really are mad here, and anywhere you have great distances to cover in the world, they go on and on in straight lines as far as the eye can see until they disappear into the heathaze in the distance.

We’d read in on of the books that free camping is the norm further south and we managed to get as far as we’d hoped and found the first of the shipwrecks visible from the road. After crossing some small dunes we ended up with a campsite overlooking the beach with the shipwrecked fishing boat making up the most of our tent view for the evening.

Luke set about the cooking and I’m writing this as the sun drops behind the horizon for the night. Today has been what the dream is all about, I feel the most relaxed I ever have and so in awe of the fact that Afritrex is right here, right now!!!!!!!!

Bring on tomorrow….JJ

End of day location: Tarfaya, Morocco
Distance covered: 411kms

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