Wednesday 27 February 2008

19th Feb 08

Date: 19th Feb 08
Location: Kaffrine, Senegal
Weather: clear blue skies and sunshine, 44°c!
Status: All very good, well fed and watered and leak fixed.

Woke up early as the fan in the room had stopped as the power went out at 7am so got up and had a full on breakfast of omelette and bread with jam in the courtyard. Really had a superb night in the company of a Senegalese lady and the carpenter from the hotel as we sat under the mango tree in the garden watching the fruit bats and waiting for the mangos to drop all around!

Asked for the bill for the night and the lovely lady patron at Eddies told us that the room and dinner were all on the house, fantastic! Its an awesome place with the most friendy staff so if you get a chance for a week off work make your way to Farrafenni on the north of the Gambia river!!

Headed out of town, well almost 300m before we hit the Gambian border post, completed the usuals and moved another 300m to the next post, had to do the same again then drove for 5km until we had to do it all again as we’d gone back into Senegal. Love the borders here as they’re really relaxed…unlike some to follow!

Made our way to Kaolack to get some cash, had some lunch…uninspiring fish and rice but good and spicy, filled up with fuel and hit the road to the east towards Tambacounda and the National Park. Another crappy road full of potholes and police posts and only made 108kms before we decided to pull into another run down hotel to use their car park for the night.

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