Sunday 10 February 2008

5th Feb 08

Date: 5th Feb 08
Location: Dakhla, Morocco
Weather: To start with grey and misty, then blue skies as normal and 26°c, tonight cloud cover but lovely and warm!
Status: All good, Colonel – new oil and filter to keep the heart healthy

So early start for another day of epic travels through the desert, kept up a good head of steam for almost an hour before finding THE best stocked service station in Morocco!! 2 coffees, bananas and chocolate biscuits later and we hit the road again.

5hrs later we arrived in Dahkla, situated on a thin finger of land and a post for navy, military and police and a few locals! Found a little back street garage who changed the oil and filter for a little over a tenner and we were on a way again….all the way to a windy, empty restaurant for a stunning lamb tajine. Headed out of town after searching for wireless internet and coming up with nothing, and found a spot on the edge of the beach with some other campers around to spend the night ready for an early start in the morning and the final day in morocco…Inshallah!!

Dominos and shithead before bed! Two beers each to watch the sunset…..

Good days progress……well done all!

End of day location: Dakhla
Distance covered: 470kms

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