Monday, 4 February 2008

31st Jan 08

Date: 31st Jan & 1st Feb
Location: El Jadida
Weather: Scattered clouds bright and sunny, 22°c
Status: All just fine

Travelled from El Jadida south to Essaouira for the first day and stayed in the same spot as before with Ali the really sound car park attendant, parked up watched the sunset and sat on the internet with Luke playing online shithead!! Felt ridiculous speaking to people in the UK using my laptop, someone else’s wireless internet connection and a set of headphones whilst sat in the tent on the beach….lovin the technology!

Up early and then headed on the long trip south to Mirleft, stocked up on groceries at the Marjane supermarket and pulled up into our previous camp site around 8pm. Had a wicked little fire, coffee and munchies. Must have a look at the Colonel tomorrow, he’s pulling to one side slightly when I brake so need to get the wheel off and check the calliper etc.

Windy tonight for the first time in a few days with loads of cloud in the distance so could be in for some rain for the first time proper on the trip, well it was going to happen at some point!


End of day location: Mirleft
Distance covered: 31st Jan – 310kms, 1st Feb – 328kms

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