Thursday 31 July 2008

29th July 08

Date: 29th July 08
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and still, very warm in the day, 30°c
Status: Feeling good after lots of exercise!

Yesterday got up before sunrise and went for a long run along the beach at Bloubergstrand, it was really stunning and the only other people about were the groups of old ladies speed walking along the beach. I love seeing them and often wonder what the point is in walking quickly rather than running!?! Another thing which amuses me, and it is the little things, is when a run past a try and make them feel 20 years younger by saying “Good morning girls”. Cheeky I know!!

Folded the tent away and left Saltycrax backpackers to head back to the shopping malls to get my VAT receipts issued from the shops I’d been to the day before so I can at least claim back some of the money I’ve had to spend whilst here.

Drove into the city and headed straight to Ashanti Backpackers where Bre and I had decided to go halves on a gorgeous African-style room for one of our last nights together….how big do showers need to be, you could get at least 4 people in it!?!?

Drove up to Table Mountain to see about getting the cable car to the summit but guess what….its only damn well closed for the 7 days we’re in the city! So drove to Signal Hill and the Lion’s Head instead to watch the sun go down and as we were on the approach road to it Kees and Savannah pulled alongside us on the motorbike, so they joined us to take photos and watch the spectacle of the sun lowering itself into the Atlantic Ocean. Simply beautiful…..

Headed to Nelson’s Eye on the recommendation of Ana who stayed here at Ashanti a few weeks previously and were treated to one of the best meals I’ve ever had here, superb service, awesome steak and all for a darn good price….we had so much that Bre couldn’t finish hers and brought the remainder home in a doggy bag.


Today we got up bright and early cleared out of the room and as the weather was beautiful we decided to climb Table Mountain instead, damn the cable car….its better for the training anyway!

Drove to the cablecar station and left the Colonel there under the watchful eye of the car guard, walked the 2kms to the base of the route up the mountain via the Pletteklip path and together with Bre marched up the side of the famous landmark in record time dashing between the sunshine and the shade. As we neared the summit the wind increased and the temperature dropped so we did a quick lap of the viewing areas and made for the top of the descent.

One of the many reasons which Bre and I get on so well is her love of a challenge, she turned to me at the top before our return lag and said “lets run down!” so off we went….

She stripped down to her shorts and headed off leaping down the steep incline jumping from rock to rock.

It had taken us only 1.5hrs to get to the top, not the listed 2.5hrs and we managed to race all the way to the bottom in just 25mins, truly awesome.

Went down to the Waterfront for sundowners and then back to the backpackers for dinner and a beer.


End of day location: Cape Town, South Africa
Distance covered: 40kms

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