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11th July 08

Date: 11th July 08
Location: Knysna, South Africa
Weather: Rain overnight, then clear blue skies and warm all day….perfect! 27°
Status: Ready for Challenge no. 5!

Up early and left the tent standing to allow the rain and moisture to burn off it from the night. Had a bite to eat and then Bre, Alex and I headed the 20kms west into the gorgeous town of Knysna. Surrounded by the ocean, mountains and overlooking the tidal lagoons and heads which it is famous for its one of the most attractive coastal resorts in South Africa.

Made our way to the marathon registration to be told they only opened at 4pm, so made for the Laundromat instead and dropped off two weeks worth of washing. Damn hard to wash and dry anything when you don’t sit still for more than a day at a time!

The waterfront developments at Knysna are plentiful with commercial, residential and nautical-based industry all side by side in a clean, well laid out fashion. One of the more shop based areas is currently holding qualifications for the Land Rover G4 Challenge South Africa so we sat in the sunshine watching the entrants’ canoe swim and climb against the clock. Wish I could have had a go but it’s for the Saffers only.

Walked the streets for a while before heading back to collect my washing and made our way back to the registration. Had a good chat with the race director about the chances of accommodation on the site which has been set up to house the Heinekin music festival, marathon finish area and Oyster festival as there is nothing available in the near vicinity and he remembered the email I’d sent him a few weeks earlier.

Damn fine chap only went and gave me his access all areas pass which allows me to park and camp the Colonel in the festival site for the three days of the festival! Superb  registered collected the usual freebies and headed out for a late lunch.

Grabbed a chicken and some rolls and drove down to Knysna heads where the views are amazing, the houses enormous and designer and a perfect site for our lunch!

Headed down the coast 15kms to Buffalo Bay and camped right on the beach at he backpackers. Wrote emails in the truck as the rain started and then headed to bed.

End of day location: Knysna, South Africa
Distance covered: 50kms

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