Sunday, 27 July 2008

20th July 08

Date: 20th July 08
Location: Betty’s Bay, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, cold at night. 18°c
Status: Everybody seems just fine, strange emotions on this part of the trip, can’t really explain them but feel in a bit of a lull and almost empty…but that’s today and tomorrows a different day! Hmmmm…

Left the comforts and the superb hospitality of the Cape Agulhas backpackers and made our way west further along the coast towards Cape Town, stopping some 160kms later at the beach side town of Betty’s Bay on the now Atlantic Coast.

It’s a really stunning place with the blue Atlantic ocean on one side and a high mountain range erupting from the sea bed only a km inland, the town nestles in between the two gripping onto the only piece of habitable land tucked in between rocks and boulders which seem to have been thrown down by the gods centuries ago.

A recent bushfire has left the shells of some of the more unfortunate homes as a reminder of the dangers of this part of the world in the dry, hot summers which are regularly fanned by the strong winds blowing in from the wild ocean which is so close.

The Bayside Beach House is where we’re staying and its another wicked location. Based on three levels, all having a view of the ocean and surrounding coastline, there’s a 9 hole putting course, an outside bar; a summer attraction obviously, and a south-facing driveway where I’m camped giving wicked views as the sun rises in the morning.

A day for washing, watching Lewis Hamilton win another Grand Prix….get in there my son, and cooking a chicken roast dinner for everyone.

We it a fire and watched the clouds cover the starry night, leaving me wondering about the merits of getting up before sunrise to climb one of the rocky climbs up the mountain with Bre…..see what happens.

Watched the Incredibles, them bed.

End of day location: Betty’s Bay, South Africa
Distance covered: 190kms

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