Friday 4 July 2008

26th June 08

Date: 26th June 08
Location: Port St Johns, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 24°c
Status: New team moving along very well!

We’ve been parked up at Amapondo Backpackers for a couple of days, enjoying the delights of the Wild Coast with its amazing sea food, stunning walks along the coastline visiting waterfalls, blow-holes and sweeping sandy beaches.

The last time I was this far down the coastline was nearly ten years ago and its good to see in that time that the roads have improved, the electricity supply runs to almost all houses now with the only downside being the continued development of the stunning tourist destinations; inevitable I suppose as people are only trying to eek out an existence but some of the places I’ve visited previously have changed from being little hidden oasis’s into managed developed ‘sites’ which attract the world and its brother everyday due to the new roads etc. (Just another Ben observation)

Left PSJ’s and headed down the 4x4 Eco Trail which runs down this coastline, a good quality dirt road with a couple of slight river crossings passing through some of the coastal villages, stretching down to Coffee Bay, a very relaxed backpackers destination and the home of Coffeeshack and Bomvu Backpackers. I’d stayed at the Coffeeshack before and we’d met the new owner in Port St Johns so thought it only fair that we were there guests for our first night in town.

Had the standard boerwors, mash and creamed spinach and headed to the local Italian
pizza house to watch Spain whip Russia 3-0 in the Euro Champs.


End of day location: 27th June 08
Distance covered: 65kms

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