Friday, 18 July 2008

18th July 08

Date: 18th July 08
Location: Cape Agulhas, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies, no wind a.m.then increasing through the afternoon, 18°c
Status: Everybody is in good spirits 

Up at a reasonable hour as the wind had died down and the sun was shining, then scoffed some brekky down before realising that my very special Comrades marathon towel was missing………AHHHHHH!!

Packed the tent up as quick as I could and made my way back to the most southern point where I’d spent the previous evening hoping that I’d dropped it out of the Colonel by mistake….but there was nothing there. Balls.

Made our way back to the backpackers and tidied up the truck hoping to find it, but to no avail! The wind gradually increased throughout the day and after some lunch Bre and I made our way north up the coast to try and find a beach site which we could find to fly the kite at….

A cute little tortoise ran across the road in front of the Colonel so we stopped and helped it across the road just in time as a coach came racing round the corner. Got to the entrance of De Mond nature reserve, paid the R25 entry fee and had a gorgeous afternoon walking along the beach and dunes trying to find a site to fly the kite but as the tide was in there was nothing…so we just enjoyed the sunset!

Braai in the evening, then movies in the tent before bed…

End of day location: Cape Agulhas, South Africa
Distance covered: 55kms

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