Wednesday 9 July 2008

4th July 08

Date: 4th July 08
Location: Chinsta, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, bright and cold. 28°c
Status: A focker of a day really 

It all started off pretty well, I slept with the tent doors open again and was greeted by another stunning sunrise over the Indian Ocean. Finally dragged myself clear of my comfort zone at 8am and decided to head off for a run towards the lighthouse we’d seen flashing in the distance the night before.

Another glorious training session which took me over rivers and all along the coastline pacing along the sand as I went, arrived at the lighthouse after 45mins and turned for home. Arrived back at the camp around 1hr 45mins after setting outso I suppose you could call it a half marathon training session!

Just in time for a full health breakfast which I had seconds of, and then we all gathered our things together and headed off towards East London, our next stop on the coast.

Checked with all three backpackers if they could accommodate the Colonel with his bedroom aloft….and none could! Balls. So decided to spend the afternoon looking for an internet café and to also find the music shop which has been holding a new 12v laptop charger for me.

After 3 failed attempts at the internet I have decided that of all the countries I’ve now been through in Africa, SA has the most antiquated, frustrating, paranoia ruled internet system.

Let me divulge….most places will allow me to take my laptop in and connect up to their cable no problem. SA seems to think this is an international conspiracy with most shops refusing point blank as the software they run will not allow them to keep tabs on how long I’ve been online (ahhh try a frikkin clock!), ok so new idea. I put all of my updates for the website onto USB stick and transfer them that way…..oh no sir we don’t allow that….WHAT!!!

I explained in ny own special way quite what I thought of the SA system and left! Found the shop for the new charger no probs and decided with all of the bad luck we’d had that it’d be best if we headed back to Buccaneers backpackers in Chinsta for the night.


End of day location: Back where we started, Chinsta, South Africa
Distance covered: 85kms

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