Sunday, 27 July 2008

23rd July 08

Date: 23rd July 08
Location: Hermanus, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies and sunshine, 25°c
Status: All well and good

Up early and cleaned out the entire vehicle ready as there was a vacuum cleaner nearby and it was about time it was done!

Alex had cleverly left her jacket at the shark dive offices yesterday so we had to retrace our steps and cover the 40kms back to Gaansbai to collect it, stopped on the route back at a little pizzeria for lunch and then drove the 80kms through to Betty’s Bay to meet up with Kees and the others who’d gone ahead of us.

Arrived back at Bayside Beach House and checked in for the night, had a good filling dinner, watched a dvd and settled down on the couch for the night.

When we went outside to bed at 23:00hrs a Berg wind was blowing and instead of the temperature being a chilly 12°c ish the thermometer in the Colonel read 22°c….a really warm wind, and with it the wind speed increased and eventually a howling gale blew through the camp. Around 01:00hrs the rain started and increased in intensity until trapped in the tent in a downpour with the poles creaking outside!

Woke at around 03:30hrs as both Bre and I were coughing our little hearts out, went into the house and watched ‘A Bug’s Life’ and then went back to bed.

End of day location: Betty’s Bay, South Africa
Distance covered: 145kms

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