Wednesday, 9 July 2008

7th July 08

Date: 7th July 08
Location: Chinsta, South Africa
Weather: Clear blue skies in the morning, cold front moving in – potential rain. 25°c
Status: All good

Spent yesterday enjoying the weather, the sun on the beach and the relaxing environment that Buccanneers offers. Had a good long run before breakfast along the beach in the opposite direction to yesterday and now feel fairly good about the upcoming Knysna marathon – my only slight concern is the amount of time my knees are taking to heal up properly, they’ll get me over the finish line but may give me problems in the latter stages of the race.

Ana had to head home to Portugal today so after a superb free breakfast we packed the Colonel and headed out south along the coast road back towards East London….where we’d been the day before! Dropped Ana off, a real shame that she has to go back to the reality of the UK but I think she’s leaving with an upbeat mind, a different opinion to that that she came with and a new determination to get on with her life….at least I hope so!

Destination Port Elizabeth, 300kms away and it was a good easy drive which took a little over 5hrs with stops and we finally pulled into the driveway of Lungile Backpackers. This is a different sort of backpackers all together….talk about luxury!!

High ceilings, dark stained wood and a superb location set back from the beach make you feel like you’re in a hotel, not a backpackers so we fitted into it perfectly! Made ourselves at home, sorted some emails and phone calls and headed out to Buffalo Bills (an apt choice with the skull now sitting on my roofrack!) to watch the men’s final of Wimbledon.

Up early the next day for a relaxed drive west to Jeffery’s Bay, the very famous surf break just 70kms from PE. Went shopping on the way there for all number of things; a new pot, some grease for the Colonel, food for dinner and a new climbing jacket (unsuccessful) and pulled into the outskirts of JBay at15:00 to be greeted by the most disappointing surf of the trip….glassy, flat and no swell at all! The best spot with the worst waves!

Pulled into Island Vibe backpackers as it was recommended to us by Lugile Lodge as they also own it. Parked the Colonel in the prime position in the car park overlooking the beach for another superb nights viewing! This awesome TV channel; Tent TV, continues to impress me on a daily basis!

Enjoyed a cold beer watching the sun go down, Alex cooked dinner with a few Long Island Ice Teas and we hit the sack.

Been an excellent last 10 days with Ana on board and a real shame she had to go home but she may join me for the return leg back to the UK so watch this space….go on Ana!!

End of day location: Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa
Distance covered: 395 and 125kms

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